Why Choose David J. Martin as Your Photographer for women’s headshots?

  • Over 15 years of experience shooting women’s headshots for actors, performers, and executives. And, in keeping with the times, LinkedIn and online dating photos as well.
  • Excellent photography at an affordable rate.
  • Enough studio time to get the photos you will love. I’m not going to rush you.
  • A free wardrobe advice. Simply bring clothing options and jewelry to the shoot and I’ll let you know what will work best for your photo shoot.
  • Tailored lighting that enhances your assets and downplays flaws. One lighting set-up does not fit all.
  • Several background options to match the look and feel of your different looks. Your business photos will not look the same as your personal photos.
  • An easygoing shoot that will help you look relaxed and confident.
  • Subtle Photoshop retouching that leaves you with a flattering and true to life results.
  • In short, your best women’s headshots.

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